About Dr. Rokay Kamyar

Dr. Rokay Kamyar is an award winning, board certified gastroenterologist practicing in La Mesa, California. Born in Kabul, he briefly attended law school before being awarded a scholarship to study medicine. The Afghan Government sent him to Chiba, Japan, where he studied at the Chiba University School of Medicine. He went on to earn his Doctor of Medical Sciences degree from the University of Tokyo. During his postgraduate studies in Japan Dr. Rokay Kamyar served as the Special Physician of Embassies and Foreign Community of Tokyo at the Tokyo International Clinic.

After extensive medical training in Japan in cardiology and gastrointestinal endoscopy, Dr. Rokay Kamyar emigrated to the United States for an internal medicine residency at the Brooklyn Jewish Hospital Medical Center. Two years later he took on a gastroenterology fellowship at the Boston City Hospital-Boston University Hospital combined program.

Upon completing the fellowship, Dr. Rokay Kamyar joined a 12-member medical group in La Mesa, California in 1980, where he stayed on for more than twenty years before establishing his own private practice. In addition to his running his own business, Dr. Kamyar is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center and medical director for various departments of Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa. As of 2008 he became Medical Director of the hospital’s Endoscopy and Special Procedures Department.

Dr. Kamyar is active in his profession, having served as an officer in the San Diego Gastroenterology Society for several years. He has been published widely in Japan and participated in numerous clinical trials in the United States. Dr. Rokay Kamyar and his wife, also a doctor, have three children. Two have followed their parents into the field of medicine and the third currently attends law school. Dr. Kamyar speaks eight languages.


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